The Golden Rose Galaxy SoundBath Meditations uses the principle that individual consciousness affects collective consciousness (Maharashi Effect). Using group coherence through intention, gratitude and love we energetically work towards planet liberation and ascension for the 2020 Cosmic event ALIGNMENT referred to as the cosmic EVENT HORIZON. This magnificent event is created by big solar waves reaching the Earth from the Galactic Central Sun’ this will be begin with Pluto and Jupiter becoming conjunct with each other and will be felt from February 20th until 17th of December 2020 with the full impact on Earth of this alignment on the 11/11/2020.

Massive amounts of 5D Gamma, Sunlight from the Central Sun will be FULLY received, decoded and integrated into the biological body DNA strand (our original BLUE-PRINT) for the purpose of fully manifesting the new Earth 5D reality on the 2020 Jupiter/Pluto STARGATE. This point of Human-history timeline is the milestone of this Galactic alignment and will close the Great Cosmic Cycle of this Solar System and of humanity. 

As a result of this awareness, the Golden Rose Galaxy SoundBath Meditations aim to provide to all on their path of enlightenment and spiritual awakening the support, knowledge and tools that allow 2020 (and beyond)  celestial events cosmic downloads, light codes, and activations to be integrated in a smooth manner through the application of ancient sound frequencies, and sacred geometry to accelerate the process of the strong massive Ascension wave

Golden Rose Galaxy Soundbaths are for all who feel the call to support the return of the Divine Feminine - Divine Masculine – 2020 Christ consciousness - Oneness energy. 


This is the time to put aside the resistances and allow the divine 2020 energies to align with our heart centre and our service to our planet in Oneness, so we can receive the revelations of love and peace as decreed by the Great Spirit.

This is the divine timing of transformation, to express your gifts as healers, sacred leaders and teachers in service to the awakening of Humanity   --   Time to transform all density, and choose the Heart.


Gaia is now READY to move into Higher Consciousness states, and join the rest of Creation in Heaven.

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