Sonic Soundbath meditation


( join us on a transformational spiritual journey providing clarity & direction in a non-invasive experiential highly personalised session.

Focusing on emotional release, addressing traumatic events, memories, reducing physical pain and exploring the emotional relation to illness and dis-ease through the ancient frequencies of Sound. 


Ascension Soundbath Attunement meditation


Soundbath meditation attunement is an initiation to a high vibrational frequency of energy that aligns you with the higher aspects of yourself.

On this path, we work directly with our BELOVED I AM PRESENCE, learning, mastering and embodying the sacred teachings of Christ Consciousness (Oneness energy) containing their own unique vibration and teachings for mastery.  

These meditations transcends time and space and are portals to your soul, awakening and assisting you on your journey back to yourself. Designed to awaken the Light codes within your DNA.

The Cosmic Light encoded is transmitted both in and around my words, and the gaps between my words, mantras, toning and sounds which attune you to the sacred flames, light geometry and Rays of the Ascended Masters.

As you attune yourself to the frequency and vibration of each sacred flame, Ray, God/Goddess, Ascended Master you become an initiate and member of the Holy order - family of Light, presenting you with the opportunity for joy and understanding that is unsurpassed in our evolution. Not only that, but you become one with the ever-expanding council of energies that are guiding and supporting our Beloved Mother Earth in her own awakening and Ascension.

Attending these attunements meditations on a regular basis with dedication, commitment and devotion, assists you in a most profound way bringing you greater balance and grace as well as contributing to the purification and raising of your vibration and consciousness accelerating you own pathway and Ascension process.

As we do so, we become beacons of Light joined energetically with our brothers & sister’s around the planet doing the same. It is with our active participation that we can expand and manifest the ascension the Earth & her peoples into a fifth-dimensional frequency – and birth a New Earth into being.

The Golden Rose Galaxy workshop

Duration: 4 hours



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