Anne is a priestess of Isís/Ishtar Magdalene lineage, a writer of esoteric teachings, and a Sound healing graduate by the Academy of sound healing - specializing in the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and (currently the only one in Merseyside area). 


Please find her profile with the academy of Sound Healing below.

She has worked in the field of sound, astrology, numerology and DNA re-awakening for the last 5 years both in group settings and 1-2-1 clients.

Anne is a mother of two beautiful children, and has extensively dedicated her last 11 years to the path of Gnosis. She is a Keeper of the flame fraternity and actively engages in the teachings of the masters of the seven sacred rays, St Germaine and the Violet flame.

She holds many qualifications, from BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Criminology, Counselling, teaching, fitness, sound healing, sacred geometry, Kundalini dance, kundalini yoga, breath work, Qi Jong, Akashic records, Tantra, Tachyon Source Light, Lemurian Reiki Ray, Holy Womb healing and many others.

Anne is humble, kind, caring and a nurturer by nature, she is also very selective in with whom she shares her energy with.

Anne’s purpose is to assist Mother Gaia and all her children in their path towards Ascension into the 5D dimension. Her work is designed to empower all beings to step into their highest potential as divine, limitless and precious souls that they are.

Copyright © Anne Spínola 2017

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