Join the Golden Rose Galaxy Sacred grief circle.  

People have been coming together in sacred circles to share in life’s joy and pain since Ancient times. 

Grief comes in many forms and at many times and each person's grief is unique, and there isn't always an obvious place to express the challenging emotions that it can bring up.  


The Golden Rose Galaxy sacred grief circle, invites you to be present and compassionate to whatever is in your heart, allowing your emotions to move fluidly through you, rather than getting stagnant.


The grief circle offers the opportunity for your grief to be witnessed and for you to feel connected to the shared humanity of loss.  

The grief circle offers a grounding space & group process with an opportunity to share, and to witness others, without judgement. 

Within a grief circle, you will be held and supported throughout.  

This is a 4 hour monthly event with limited spaces available.


Golden Rose Galaxy Sacred grief circle details:  


  • Circle opening ceremony  

  • Sacred Tea Ceremony (journey into the Heart with sacred herbs) 

  • Grief circle - Exploration of grief tending 

  • Chakra alignment  - liberating grief, fear and trauma

  • 396Hz sound journey to support us integrate our grief. 

  • Toning

  • Circle Closing ceremony

Refreshments & materials for the session provided.

Energy exchange: £55pp

If you're unsure whether this event is for you, or have any other questions, please email us on 


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