Sound is frequency and vibration that makes up our entire existence. Sound healing has been used since ancient times and is understood as the therapeutic application of sound frequencies that when applied to the biological and energetic bodies have the magical power of restoring order to organisms that are malfunctioning to a state of harmony, balance and health. It works through Sympathetic resonance, Brain wave entertainment, frequency response and balancing left / right brain hemispheres.

Quantum physics demonstrates that we are all made of vibrations, which can be measured in frequencies. In Sound healing as in quantum physics there is an understanding that everything in our universe is energy, which vibrates at a unique frequency, refer to as resonance. Everything physical has a resonance, which also resonates with the sounds around us. Therefore, the sounds we listen to have an impact on our minds, bodies and souls.

To better understand how sound healing works, think of everything that makes up your body as an amplified orchestra usually elegant and effectively performing. The whole that composes our biological vehicles need to be balanced to keep things running smoothly and to keep our body “in tune”.

The problem arises when our energetic and/or physical bodies experience a misalignment, which compromises the whole. As each of our vital organs resonate at a certain frequency which is unique to us, when an organ in the body is not functioning at its optimum its sound pattern will be off and will be physically manifested as ‘dis-ease’. All must be working in a complex biological harmony otherwise; the usual elegant orchestra will sound awful & disharmonious.

As a sound healing practitioner my aim is to restore the balance, and the equilibrium needed to bring back synchronisation into the rhythm of a perfect state of health, love and joy where healing becomes a natural state of being. This is achieved through the introduction of specific sound patterns (different frequencies influence genes, cells, and various structures in the body – Cymatics) that will promote healing through the law of resonance by bringing into balance all energy systems of an individual (physical, Etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual).

I work with a variety of instruments such as Crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, shamanic drums,  amongst others. Each treatment and session are specific to each individual and therefore the use of instruments will vary in accordance to the needs of my clients. 

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